This is me sunbathing in Riccione, Italy, in 1988. With the floating crocodile, LOL

? Friday Morning Smile, Cookbooks Excellence, and More…

But before we jump into today contents, let’s get a quick recap!

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Friday Morning Smile!


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Today I won the WSO Of The Day with “Cookbooks Empire”, the cookbooks creation guide I published with LucreziA Aria! What a surprise, for me winning the WOTD is the best thing I could get… Thanks to all of you who purchased a copy! Changing topic, today I wanted to cook fish in a healthy way, so I went to fishmonger to purchase some anchovies to cook in the oven. Here is the photo of their freshness.

There’s no other fish I love more than anchovies 🙂 I remove their fishbones, I open them and I put them in a tray in the oven. They are good and healthy.
Today I was able to recover an old VHS to transfer some old recordings from my camera, and that made me happy, now I’ve to find something to copy the video stream from VHS to computer…


I can tell you without any doubt this is my best converting products, as I sold 192 copies with less than 450 unique visitors. I got the right trend, cookbooks. They are everywhere, there are also chefs everywhere on TV, magazine and so on.

This book required more than a month to be written, without talking about the videos of OTO1 (conversion was 35% yesterday, on this) and the 63,300+ articles of OTO2 (I don’t tell you how much time I throw away just to count them… when you arrive at half, you get in confusion and you have to restart. Because they are in books, not single articles. Anyway there are articles for the lifetime here, you won’t need anymore recipe books…

I received many compliments about this guide, and that makes me happy. I will try to create the next ones following the guidelines of this one. Not only scratching the surface, but going down to sub-niche selection.

This is for anyone, not only cooking fans, but literally everyone on planet who has a computer and internet connection. With my step by step publishing guide, you can have your book in bestsellers in the time of a recipe.

Hope you won’t lose the opportunity to jump on the train of chefs. This book will be translated also in Italian for the first time, I think it’s the right one to enter from the front door in Italy.

Thanks so much to all who bought a copy or more including OTOs, you made me happy.

Click here to visit “Cookbooks Empire”

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni