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My name is Alessandro Zamboni, and I was born in Milan in 1982.

After a happy youth in which I loved to play tennis, winning two trophies, and playing soccer with friends at the local field, when I reached the age of 16 my life changed in a minute. I had two operations on my head to remove a benign tumor.

After the operation, I had and still have many problems. I gained weight with cortisone and I was not the same as before. The surgery had marked me. Even today, I have to take many pills every day, and life is not the same as before. So I had to give up my studies to be able to recover calmly, and day by day I tried to regain my dignity.

I lost all my friends because they could not understand at that age, and I closed myself off for a few years. In the end, my family and I decided to open a gift shop, and we threw ourselves into this adventure...

We opened "Pilupo Neaz" on the Naviglio Pavese, in Milan, and for several years I collaborated as a family worker managing the shop, also creating an eCommerce website for the shop, one of the first in Italy (I was too ahead of my time!).

A few years later I also created artistic candles like no one else does, with angels, animals, famous characters, flowers, and much more with a new company. But I felt that this was not yet my path to follow.

In the end, I became so good with websites that I finally decided to drop the candles and open a web agency, with which I dived into the web, in Italy, for the first few years, with fluctuating results. Fluctuating because you know better than I how much customers make you fluctuate with their absurd requests. This didn't last long...

Until I discovered online marketing on the internet, the real American internet marketing, the one that gave access to the whole world. And even though my knowledge of English was just scholarly, I threw myself into it and started learning the basics to build a real business from home.

So, after a thousand troubles, I decided to follow my idea once and for all. Because if you don't follow your ideas, even at the cost of making mistakes, you will never be anyone, just one of the sheep who continue to slog for a whole life until you find yourself old waiting for retirement...

If I did it, in the situation I was in, and have been running this business for more than a decade, I don't see why you can't do it. When you're down and have nothing to lose, you realize that you can give everything to rise to the top. So why not do it when you're still not down? Think about it... and then you'll give me the answer.

If it's about work, I also gave up a part-time job that I did only in the morning, where I was paid about 1,800 euros a month in a dream place. But it wasn't me deciding for me, I was on that damn hamster wheel running to work every morning, coming home dead tired and starting the loop the next day. You need to free yourself from these chains, as I did.

And if I'm doing great with my bag of problems that I carry with me, you will do it too. Feel free to choose your future before it's too late.

I rolled up my sleeves, decided to invest in a couple of domain names, including my personal English blog and product review site, an autoresponder and some guides, and I threw myself into it. To date, I have launched many new, fresh, brilliant products that did not follow the mainstream.

I have become a "trend hunter", that is, I chase new market trends, new ideas and everything that revolves around marketing and can generate interest among the masses. I have received several product of the day awards for my products, and as a coach, I have helped my students achieve good results thanks to their ideas.

It's always like being on vacation. You can work three days a week and enjoy the rest as you prefer, travel wherever you want without asking for permission and organize your work autonomously but also automatically. This is the freedom offered by internet marketing that everyone talks about. For me, it simply meant not having the stress of going to the workplace with my disability, a major problem.

Do not miss this opportunity, always pursue your dreams. Don't let anything or anyone ever bring you down, because you should always have the strength to roll up your sleeves, at any moment in life, and work for your growth. Become internet marketers, international or Italian, whatever you desire. Trust my words.

If you want to start, I am here.

Thank you for your time, and see you soon.
Alessandro Zamboni


  • I won 46 Deals Of The Day on WarriorPlus.com to date, with my courses.
  • I'm a Trend Hunter. I search new trends, and turn them into new money-making opportunities.
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