This is me with grandma Carla, a box of butterflies and insects plus a living butterfly on my arm.

? Monday Morning Smile, Reò-Engager, and more!

But before we jump into today contents, let’s get a quick recap!

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Monday Morning Smile!

Yesterday as I told you I went to the Bellaria’s Fruit and Veg 0 Kilometers Market, a market where fruit and vegetables come directly from producers of the area. I know really well all the sellers here, especially a family from Cesena, the guy who sells cheese and the lady selling honey. I got up at 6:45 am and I go there to drink a coffee cup and then to make shopping for the whole week.

Here is my favorite stall on Bellaria Sunday Market!

Then in the afternoon we came back to Milan, with a long 4 hour travel, luckly without the usual Italian queues! Today I’m not feeling well, I’m really down and don’t know yet what I will do… But for you, have a great day!


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Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni