This is me on the kids train in a luna park. I never really enjoyed the train
for kids, and you can really read this on my face, LOL

? Tuesday Morning Smile, Cloudy Rainy Day, 100 Bucks Daily and More…

But before we jump into today contents, let’s get a quick recap!

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Tuesday Morning Smile!

At first a big thank you for yesterday, many of you contacted me to tell me to run this type of newsletter, and that made me really happy (and you know a secret? I love doing this new newsletter!)
Yesterday I went to bring my VHS-C tapes for fixing them, but the guy at the desk told me he’s not able to fix them, and yesterday I was a bit sad about this… But today I will find more services to contact, until someone will say: “Yes, we do!”. If I won’t find anyone, I decided I will fix them on my own, and I just find a good training on the web.

Here is me in the gardens around my house, before going to the VHS-C shop.

Today I will go with a friend to eat at an “All You Can Eat” restaurant where there’s sushi, Italian/Chinese recipes and much much more. I will prepare some photos for tomorrow! And then… I went over the 500 sales with Cookbooks Empire, actually 583! Counting to the 600 sales, hope to reach that limit! And apart this, today is a cloudy day with rain, I hate rain!!! I love just sun, so Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.


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Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni