This is me with a record sweet zucchini by my grandma’s garden.
I was at Imperia, Liguria, a place where I don’t go much anymore since
my grandmother was died.

? Monday Morning Smile, Day of Questions, Super Plugin and More…

But before we jump into today contents, let’s get a quick recap!

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Monday Morning Smile!

Since I started this newsletter my sales have gone down day by day,
but openings and clicks went up. This is day 10, and today I will
present you a huge product for your blog. Based on the conversions
I will get today I will decide if stopping or continuing with this type
of newsletter. Thanks to all!

Yesterday I spent most of my day in Somma Lombardo, you know it’s a place I love. The morning I got up at 7:00am (very early for me, because I usually go to sellp at 2am.) It was almost a spring day, pretty hot, a little bit windy but so beautiful after a week of bad weather. I brought with me a lot of primroses of different colors to plant, to make the old house garden alive, again. Here is how they looked:

Here is one of the different types of primroses I planted in my old house garden to give it some life and color!

I enjoyed the rest of the day by watching a match of AC Milan (won 1-0) and by searching some things I needed, including some more old photos to use if I decided to continue this new type of newsletter. It’s difficult to continue it with no sales. Anyway, I came back to Milan late in the afternoon, and it has been a great pre-Spring day for me and my family.


Today, as I promised yesterday, I want to review an incredible plugin that is having a lot of success on Warrior Plus. It’s a plugin that allows you to add your ads to your posts and
pages the way it’s done by a lot of websites. It’s a trick they are using only the best and famous websites right now.

It is easy to install, and available in two licenses. I bought front end and OTO 1. Front end allows you to add the super banners to only posts, while the OTO gives you a chance to add them also to sidebar and other places, with a lot of cool add-ons worth the price, like the fact the most clicked ads will be shown more oftenly.

It’s one of my best purchases I ever made in last time, and I’m so happy to finally have my own set of little ads like all the big name websites around the world, and to add my own ads, and not their bad photos and things like that.

The good thing is you can use these ads to promote your affiliate products, CPA offers, your products and posts from the same blog or from others. Check the video on the sales page, it’s pretty short but gives you precise indication on why this is a plugin you don’t have to miss, for your blog future.

Check “WP Stealth Ads” right now!

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni