After your product sells well, and goes in first position, it’s always a wonderful experience, because your work is finally paid for.

Internet marketing I think is the unique place where you have first to work, and then you will know if you get paid for your time or not. Because there are a lot of conditions to build a big launch. You can have the best course around, but if you have no affiliates or you miss writing a good and solid sales letter, you finish to sell just a few copies and your month is gone.

With taxes waiting for you behind the corner, you should always try to give your best anytime you create a new course, and put all of yourself in the training to make it perfect. You have to work with your customers in mind, and with their problems in the heart, trying to fix them.

This 18th Deal Of The Day I got on WarriorPlus for Public Domain Finder has been the first of 2018, sign that even with a lot of work nothing is guaranteed. My last 4 months were not very good, even if I did my best as usual. Sometimes affiliates promise but don’t promote, other times are the client who don’t trust you even after 11 years I’m here in this market.

So never lose hope. Continue working until you see results, study the big guys in your niche, because it’s that one of the biggest keys to finally get results. Many see internet marketing as an easy cash cow to make money, without thinking there’s work on behind. A new course could take up to 3 weeks to be created, for me.

In this last month of April I’ve been able to launch a course in Italy, my first and one in US, so I got my best month of 2018 in terms of income.

Try to build your self-esteem, get around yourself good people who support you, and find a way to excel in something you know that at the end will work. The problem is not copying the gurus, the solution is always being yourself, staying natural to your characteristics.

Hope this article will help you becoming more selective in your work, with the aim to become the best one in your field. Be strong!