These are Grandfather Franco and Grandmother Carla married on 1957…
Long time ago! This is right after the lunch, they are so tired!

? Wednesday Morning Smile, LetSocify, My Favorite City and More!

But before we jump into today contents, let’s get a quick recap!

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Wednesday Morning Smile!
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Yesterday it was finally a great day. In the afternoon I went to Somma Lombardo (my favorite city in the world, full of history, old houses, I know every face on city and so on…) It is the city where I lived every summer since I was born, the place where my grandparents lived for most of their life. It’s an ancient 1700 country courtyard with houses, and it’s yet to adjust completely for living in, but I love it. I even thought about crowdfundint to rake in the funds needed to adjust it. If someone has experience with that, I will appreciate your help. Anyway, that place is full of memories.

At lunch time I ate sushi at Restaurant One, it’s the place who delivers the freshest sushi I ever ate. Low calorie (apart rice) and full of protein and omega 3. I love sushi!

Then just the time to look around in this old house, to live again the happy moments of my life when I was a kid, going round the courtyard with tricycle, or laughing with my grandfather while we were seated below kaki tree… Tomorrow I will post more Somma Lombardo photos for you, it’s a place I want you to know because it’s near the Malpensa airport of Milan, but it’s wonderful… Thanks for your time reading my daily diary!

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Alessandro Zamboni