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Friday Morning Smile!

Yesterday I went to walk in the Chinese quarter of Milan, where everything was turned into Chinese thing, including the advertising on the clocks, as shown below in photo. Every shop, apart a few who are trying to stay Italian, are now Chinese. Even the bars, pubs, restaurants and pharmacies. Something incredible like it was going on the rest of the world, I think. Anyway I love this place to find some cool objects for my collection of little Buddhas and to drink a mango or papaya bubble tea.

This is me in Chinese Quarter.

I’ve been away from this place for around 9 years, as I was in Somma Lombardo first, and then in Bellaria and I found it completely changed, more frenetical, more crazy and best of all, I found Chinese people buying from Chinese people (when I left Italian were buying from Chinese people!). I found a new iPad cover for my device that is 4 years old and out of commerce for Apple and I came back home very very happy.

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