This is me, right after my head operation, with my dad Maurizio.

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But before we jump into today contents, let’s get a quick recap!

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Thursday Morning Smile!

Yesterday I’ve been again in Somma Lombardo, as I’m trying to re-establish the connection with this little city that I really love. Here is a photo with the ancient castle of Somma Lombardo, that is open for visits in certain moments of the years, and that once a year has its own festivity with market stalls.

This is me with Somma Lombardo’s Visconti Castle!

Then I took some time to clean the house, remove spider webs and dust, clean the windows and take care of the house after 9 years of absence. Apart this, there’s a lot of work to do and I think I will try the way of crowdfunding, because this is a historic place in a city center protected area. I want to give it a future by preserving his history and leaving the outside as it is right now. It’s a project, I will do it with someone who knows a lot of crowdfunding.

A really successful software product might sell 1000 copies or so. That shows it does what it promises and gets users real results.

Recently I was chatting with a very likeable guy about a product he released back in 2016. He told me it had become the biggest selling social media software in JVZoo history.

Instamate 1.0 now has over 12 THOUSAND members!

That’s more than success, that’s epic. To reach those kind of numbers buyers are telling their FRIENDS how solid the product is.

Why am I telling you about a software released in March of 2016?

Because Luke, the creator of Instamate, has decided to COMPLETELY update the product for 2017. Why? 2 very good reasons:

Instagram has had a LOT of updates in the past year, so to let you cash in with these updates, InstaMate had to remain AHEAD of the curve.

Then, Luke has taken feedback from THOUSANDS of members to create a completely new product that delivers what real users want.

InstaMate 1.0 was the 1st all-in-one Instagram marketing tool. Allowing anyone to drive free traffic, build a brand and make sales using the world’s most engaged social platform.

Instamate 2.0 BUILDS on that and taps into powerful updates such as:

=> Story uploads – both image and video.
=> Emoji integration.
=> Account management.
=> Even MORE free content resources.
=> Automated scheduled posts.
=> And the LATEST update, carousel posts.

In a nutshell, if you want to profit from social media, there’s no more COMPLETE, all-in-one software available. At ANY price.

12 thousand happy members of version one. All hungry to get their hands on version 2.0. That, my friend, is all the proof you need that this works. But this product is doing the same today, with the new version!

Yes, it’s completely beginner friendly. Yes, the support is legendary. And YES, the price is going up daily, so get your copy of “Instamate 2” NOW!

Click here to check “Instamate 2”!

Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni