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Wednesday Morning Smile!

Yesterday I went to Somma Lombardo, because I got the news they were going to reinstall the bells of the old bell tower! Finally, after 8 months of waiting! Half Somma Lombardo city was with the nost up looking for bells being installed, even if it is a process requiring 5 days at all to reinstall the bells. Here is a photo I did for you:

The bells are coming back to the bell tower! Yes!
But half of city streets are closed.

All the city centre streets are closed, so I went in that zone to make a good photo for you. About other things, I discovered my sushi restaurant changed the menu… same price but as much dishes as you want to eat… So I ordered almost the same I eat every time I go there, plus a special sashimi dish. All very very good at Restaurant One! Then when the lights of the day were starting to go away, I returned to Milan after a great day.


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