This is me, in Riccione. I wanted to play bocce with someone…

? Thursday Morning Smile, Long Travel, Pimpr…

But before we jump into today contents, let’s get a quick recap!

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Thursday Morning Smile!

Yesterday I had to travel from Milan to Bellaria for finally cleaning my house for the sale, hoping that who will buy it will get approval from the bank, for taking my medicines for the next month, and so on. It’s always a pretty long travel, around 4 hours. I will be here for a day or two, and then back to Milan…

Here is our travel, right after Bologna…

When we arrived we made a walk in the little city centre, we met some friends and we drunk a cappuccino after a so long travel. Today I’ve to go take medicines in Rimini, then in the afternoon… we will see! I will be back with more, tomorrow.


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Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni