Going to the beach, alone with beach bag and bocce 🙂

? Sunday Morning Smile, Sunday Gift and More…

But before we jump into today contents, let’s get a quick recap!

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Sunday Morning Smile!
(Shaolin Cat)

Yesterday apart some work in my house, I did almost nothing, apart doing shopping in supermarket. So I will post here an image of my parents, Maurizio and Luisa, so you can meet them and know how they are.

Here are my parents, Maurizio and Luisa.

Today I will go the Sunday market of local fruit and vegetables, my favorite in the world where I will meet my friends that have an agricultural business in Cesena, and I will post at least one photo for you. Then, travel back to Milan to finally continue my business at the best.

For this Sunday I’ve got a good leadership guide for you, called “Leadership Affirmations”. You can download it directly from this link:


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Thanks so much and see you soon,
Alessandro Zamboni