It is not a news that HTTPS is fundamental for all your websites. HTTP is no more secure, and it impacts also your rankings, after all.

If you think about HTTPS, it has a lot of fundamental features your blog or website can’t miss, like:

  • Protection of your visitors against “Man in the middle” attacks.
  • SEO improvements, since Google is giving more points to websites with https.
  • Finally, with https you can count on even more advanced features for your browser.

So don’t wait anymore, and get your site and business protected by https. In last few months Google Chrome is also reporting the sites that still don’t use https, so that users, at the end, will think your site is to avoid like plague.

On this website you will find all the information you need to get started soon, also for free. It’s the definitive guide you always looked for.

So start protecting your sites now, don’t wait next week or next month. The moment is now, if you care about your blog or website enough!