Have you ever clicked ‘buy’ or visited a website because of a few well-chosen words? That’s because a good copywriter worked on it.<

Copywriting is the art and science of writing persuasive text that encourages people to take a specific action – like buying a product, subscribing to a service, or donating to a cause, just to name a few.

To work as a guru of copywriting, the first step you should take is understanding your audience. Knowing your target market is priceless, especially if you can comprehend their needs, desires, and pain points.

So you will write differently if you are talking to a girl who plays volleyball and wants some new knee pads, and to a businessman in search of training on how to use the new Google Gemini app. They need different words, concepts, headlines, and words.

The Headline

The first part of your sales letter is the headline. It’s also the most important piece of your entire text, as you only have 5 or 6 seconds to catch the attention of your audience.

You can use curiosity, for example. Making our visitors curious works every time. Or you can simply ask a question that requires an immediate and positive answer. So they focus on the problem they are suffering.

And what about a big benefit? It also works like a charm. Offering people an immediate idea of what they can achieve with your course is a great ingredient for a solid headline.

Use Storytelling In Your Copywriting

If you can connect to your audience with something that will make you seem more “friendly,” you have done half of the job to close a sale.

This is storytelling, and means telling real stories about our life, about real things that happened to us, or simply inventing them. By my side I prefer to tell real stories, like my two operations to the head that have been the factor who let me become an online marketer.

Don’t be scared to tell real things the way they should be told. More natural you are, the more results you will see. Show who you are, what brought you to do the job you are doing, and introduce yourself in every sales letter.

So, if you let a visitor tell: “Wow, this guy is like me,” or “this guy was exactly like me,” you increase your chances to close the sale.

Call-To-Action Or CTA

Creating a call-to-action means telling your visitors it’s time to extract the credit card, and pay for your product or service. A CTA is in fact a short, direct instruction that tells your audience exactly what you want them to do next, and you can insert them on sales pages, social media, videos, and so on.

Creating winning call-to-actions is very important, and requires attention. In fact, you can sell and try to close in multiple areas of your sales page. Not everyone reaches the end of it.

Start focusing on concise, clear, and benefit-oriented CTAs, adding a sense or urgency to them. A CTA is nothing else than a phrase you generally put before your price button.

If you want a few examples, you can use different formulas inside your CTA, like: Buy Now, Sign Up Now, Download Your Free Guide, Learn More, Start Your Free Trial, or Contact Us Now. And before and after the CTA text or button you can focus on benefits, and you can add a timer going back to zero second by second.

Different Types Of Copywriting

If you think there’s “one-copyright-fits-all” type of message, you are totally wrong. In fact, there’s not only a slightly different way to write based on your audience, but there are also various types of copywriting.

Copywriting For The Web: Emphasize SEO, usability, and user experience while maintaining a persuasive message with the final objective to sell.

Sales Copywriting: The copywriting for sales letters, ads, letters, flyers and more. Focus on benefits over features, addressing objections in a perfect way, and building trust while making money. That’s the most natural type of copywriting

Social Media Copywriting: This is the shortest form of copywriting, where you must show the ability to spark engagement, and close in a place where everyone is acting like a bot scrolling through.

Email Copywriting: Creating emails to promote a single product is the best thing you can do for email copywriting. You use the power of winning subject lines, customized content, and conversational writing, with some storytelling.

Why Is Copywriting So Important?

First, it’s the best way to cut through the noise. Copywriting is extremely good to help your business, or third party business to stand out in a sea of online information. When a channel of communication is new, there are no problems, as you are alone.

But when the channel becomes well known and overcrowded, like it happened first for radio, then for TV and finally for internet, it’s time to get out from the queue and show who you really are.

Second, copywriting is huge for building brand voice. It can establish your own tone and personality to people if you can humanize it with storytelling, and your unique way to talk.

And finally, it helps drive a lot of conversions. With a normal page with no copywriting inside you can aim at a 0.1% to 1% conversions, with a page written by a copywriter you can take up to 22% conversions on cold traffic. It means a max of 1 person over 100 visitors buying what you sell, versus 20/22 people.

So you can comprehend now not only what is copywriting, but also why you can’t avoid studying it and applying it to your marketing to increase your sales and results.

How To Become a Copywriter

Everyone can try to be a copywriter, but only a few will become real copywriters, and there’s nothing else to do than studying, to finally make money.

My first suggestion is to start looking at great sales letters that made a lot of money. Check how the letter was written, the headline, the benefits, and look at every detail. Build your own swipe files collection this way, with the best copywriters letters.

Then, just practice. Look at any product you bought in the last few years, and make a sales letter for it. Exercise, as copywriting is also a “muscle.” More you keep it strong, the more great results it will deliver for you, and eventually, for your customers.

See what you can fix and what is wrong on sales letters that fail miserably. Sometimes it’s the sales page design, but most of the time it’s just the copy that was written in a bad way, without caring for users’ needs.

Take time to also study the psychology of customers, and their biases. This can help you make better sales letters that sell via gut feeling, more than on customers desire for it. There are some good resources around that will make you powerful.

How To Become a *Top Copywriter*

Until now I gave you some hints on how you can study to become a copywriter. The path is long, full of difficulties and bad moments. I know that because when I started I found no help, and had to study a lot of different books, and courses. Each one was pushing me in a lot of directions, and results were poor.

This happened until I started creating my own copywriting system to sell courses, and I got incredible results becoming a Top 5% seller and Top 1% affiliate on WarriorPlus.

My copywriting is very easy to learn, it is direct, and you don’t have to write 100 pages of content. It’s all straightforward, and I do a lot of examples.

Learn from a master of copywriting, who sold over $1.7 million in gross sales without the help of anybody. I learned all on my own, and now I’m releasing it to the public for a crazy low price.

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Thanks a lot, and see you soon.
Alessandro Zamboni