I remember like it was yesterday when my grandfather told me this ancient proverb: “A man who chases two rabbits catches neither.” I think he learned it from Charlie Chan TV shows, as we used to see them together when I was just a kid.

What he was trying to tell me was to follow only one passion and do only one job in life, otherwise I would have obtained nothing from the two things. This proverb could be applied to anything in life: work, projects, life, hobbies and everything else.

Please always try to learn a thing before passing to the next, and don’t try to do marketing while you are working or while you are engaged with something else.

The secret is on our mind. Even if we thing it is good for multitasking, it is not true. Think about driving while at cellphone or reading while you try to following TV.

Give time to your learning, until you have completely dominated that topic. Don’t move elsewhere, don’t follow another guide or another lesson about something different or coming after.

And if you find problems in what you are trying to do, ask someone else for help, search for training or try to go over it with your brain. This is the key to learn fast and without problems.

Try and let me know how it works, ok?