Struggling to get the best out of your cool AI buddy?

Well, you’re at the right place and at the right time. This guide is like your treasure map to making ChatGPT understand and respond to you in the coolest way possible.

Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, this blog post helps you to make your prompts not just smart but also loads of fun!

Let’s dive in and make chatting with ChatGPT a blast!

1. Talk Like a Friend

You don’t act like a boss with your friends. The fact is you never give them ‘instructions’ or orders.

You discuss, agree, disagree, cross talk, and doing all this, you feel pleasure in spending time with them.

Ever noticed how we behave with ChatGPT?

Everyone is looking for that ‘perfect’ magical prompt that gives the desired results in just ONE prompt.

While all it takes is a couple of seconds, we hate to refine our prompt. So be patient while writing prompt and humanize the AI experience. After all, it’s the ‘CHAT – GPT’.

Don’t thnk of yourself as a boss of ChatGPT – because you aren’t!

If you want the best results from ChatGPT, consider it your work buddy and behave as such.

Let’s call it “Bob” since Alexa is taken.

When you engage in conversation with it like a friend, you can unlock powerful and nuanced responses.

Don’t shy away from multi-step questions; ChatGPT loves a good conversation.


2. Context is The King

Crafting prompts is an art and providing context to ChatGPT is the key to getting the desired results.

Adding context to your prompts is the secret ingredient that transforms a basic response into a culinary masterpiece.

ChatGPT thrives on the details, so why not give it a feast?

The more context you provide, the more tailored and helpful the response. So give life to your prompts by providing background information.


Basic Prompt: “Tell me how to housetrain a dog.”

When you add more context to this prompt, you are helping ChatGPT to focus on exactly what you demand.

Good Prompt: “As a professional dog trainer, write an email to a client with a new 3-month-old Corgi about the activities they should do to house train their puppy.”

Here is another example;

A basic prompt “Write an article on productivity” will not generate amazing copy. But when you transform this prompt to “Write a blog post about the importance of productivity for small businesses” will give you the best result.

Context helps ChatGPT generate a more useful and relevant response.


3. Be Clear and Specific

Let’s say you have a treasure map. Now, you know, the clearer the path, the richer the rewards.

The same is the case with ChatGPT prompts. They are like treasure maps, and the more clear and specific instructions you give them, the more golden results you’ll get.

Avoid using vague words and uncertain things. Don’t let the ship (ChatGPT) wander aimlessly in the ocean of data — but drop anchor with specific prompts.


Don’t just ask ChatGPT to “Talk about marketing strategies.”

Be the cartographer of your conversation with prompts like “Unravel three game-changing digital marketing strategies for small businesses.” See the magic of clarity?

Another important aspect of clarity is to write complete sentences.

In today’s world, everyone is in a rush and we are so accustomed to this practice that writing one single complete sentence seems burdensome to us. So we write some fragmented phrases to somehow get the job done.

But the results of this habit are damaging.

So, focus, concentrate, and write prompts in complete sentences, not in random phrases.

Similarly, it’s of no use to give some general instructions. A command that is not specific can lead to confusion. Steer clear with crystal-clear directions.


Don’t merely ask, “Explain marketing trends.”

Instead, take the lead with prompts like “Choreograph a dazzling explanation of current marketing trends, from influencer collaborations to viral campaigns.” The result? A dance of clarity and precision!

Another Example:

“Discuss productivity” is just a phrase – and not an ideal prompt.

Change it to something like this: “Write down a captivating blog post on the productivity hacks that turned a chaotic office into an efficiency wonderland.”


4. Give Examples

Don’t just tell what you want, show it to ChatGPT by giving examples.

Instead of making a dry request to ChatGPT, give examples so that you get a more generous result.

When you give an example in the prompt, ChatGPT better understands your intent and what are you looking for.

For example, if you want a text for your Facebook ad, give ChatGPT an example of a successful Facebook ad so it can understand your requirements well.

If you want to ask ChatGPT to write an email to your client, copy and paste a previous email you’ve written to the client that created a good response.


5. Assign A Role

“You are a market researcher with 10 years experience.”

“You are an experienced content writer and a famous author in self-help.”

When you assign a role to ChatGPT to be, you’ll get high-quality results. The point seems obvious but still many people missed it.

You should start your prompt from this amazing ChatGPT tip.


Bonus Tip: Ask ChatGPT for A Prompt

Let me share an amazing idea that helps you a lot with writing prompts.

Get ChatGPT help for writing you a perfect prompt!

Guess what?

You can ask the AI to create the best prompt for you. It’s not a joke!

Just tell GPT what you need, and it will come up with a super prompt that fits your request perfectly. It’s like having a smart friend who’s really good at coming up with ideas.

Here’s the trick: be very clear about what you want.

Then, GPT works its magic and gives you a prompt to use. It’s like a cool dance between you and the AI. So, get ready to let the AI impress you with its prompt-making skills. Let the prompt fun begin!



And so there you have it all.

Learn and, most importantly, practice writing prompts using these tips. Craft your prompts with the precision of a wizard’s spell, and ChatGPT will dance to the rhythm of your crystal-clear instructions.

No more mysteries, just pure enchantment.

Get ready to embark on the magical journey of crafting prompts that spark joy and bring wisdom to your fingertips!