What if I tell you that in the AI world, you can invest $20 and make $100?

‘It’s too good to be true!’ you may think. Wait a minute. What if I am right?

Imagine the money-printing opportunity you are going to miss. So read the post till the end to know if what I am saying is right or not.

Tell me, if $20 earns you $100, how many times are you ready to do it?

5 times a week? 10 times a week?

Or probably, like me, you will do this ALL THE TIME!


Invest $20 to get ChatGPT Plus.

With this, you will get access to DALL-E 3 which helps you to generate stunning images in seconds.

What kind of images? Well, you can generate any image under the sun, but I like to use it for animal images for the children’s nursery room.

Why? They are in high demand, and parents are crazy about decorating their kids’ nursery with wall art images.

Have you noticed the reviews it got?

4,119 Reviews!!!

It means that the seller is getting around 30,000 orders for this simple image.

He is selling a pack of 6 of them for $13.30, which means generating a whopping $400k (30,000 x $13.30)!

Well, if you are getting excited like me, then don’t stop in the middle.

I am going to explain the complete process in this post so you can make it happen too. Your financial freedom is a few steps ahead.

Now, cutting all the fluff out, here are the details of these three simple steps.


Ever heard of DALL-E? It’s the amazing brainchild of  OpenAI, the same group that launched ChatGPT. Dall-E turns simple text instructions into stunning images.

The name ‘DALL-E’ may seem strange and complex to you. It came from “Dali” the surrealist artist Salvador Dali and “Eve” was the character WALL-E of the famous movie Pixar.

Dall-E is a powerful AI program that transforms your text descriptions into captivating images, revolutionizing the way we generate and use visuals.

With ChatGPT Plus, Dall-E is free to use.

Children's Story Prompts Empire

But How To Create Animal Images With Dall-E?

That’s super easy!

1) Create a free Dall-E account (Click Here) or login. If you are new, click ‘Try Dall.E’ at the right bottom.

2) Now the question is how to write a prompt (instruction to AI) to create the best image. Here is an easy solution I found.

Go to ChatGPT and ask it to write a prompt for you. Then copy and paste it to Dall-E.


“I want to design animal cartoon images for my child’s nursery room. Write me a prompt to use in DALL-E to generate elephant, horse and bear.”

Now put this prompt in Dall-E to get stunning images.

The process takes less than a minute.



Today, everyone knows how to create images using AI tools, but…

Only geniuses like you and me know how to churn cash out of these images.

So, let me drop the curtains:

Etsy is the marketplace where ideas turn into gold.

With 462 million monthly users, it’s hard not to get your part of the pie. Etsy is a heaven for crafts, printables, and vintage items. Since its launch in 2005, Etsy has blossomed into a global hub of creators all over the world.

With its user-friendly dashboard, Etsy makes it a breeze to turn passions into successful businesses. It’s not just a shopping spot; it’s redefining how people sell, buy, and spread happiness.

If you haven’t started an Etsy store and feel intimidated, here’s the easy way out:

How To Start An Etsy Shop?

A. Starting your Etsy Shop

The process is as simple as ABC.

  1. Sign up and log in to your Etsy account. Go to the upper-right corner to ‘Your account’. Click on  ‘Sell on Etsy.’
  2. A new page will open. Go to the bottom and click on ‘Open your Etsy Shop.’
  3. Etsy asks for some important information like shop name, product listings, and payment details.
  4. Finally, Etsy will send your shop link.

B. Listing Like a Boss:

Next, you have to list the items you want to sell.


Click on ‘Shop Manager,’ tap ‘Listings,’ and then go to ‘Add a listing.’

Showcase your prints by adding captivating photos, catchy descriptions, and don’t forget the price tag. Repeat until your shop is a star-studded affair.

C. Outshining the Competition

Hundreds and thousands of sellers are there on Etsy. Now the question is how do you stand out?

Wear your detective hat and dive into the world of your competitors.

Have an in-depth look at what they are missing out on. How can your listings shine brighter? Learn their secrets, embrace the quirks, and let your shop be the talk of the Etsy town.

D. SEO Choreography:

Why is SEO so essential?

Ranking highly on search engines allows more buyers to find you. So give your shop and listings a search engine-friendly makeover.

Type your main keyword into the Etsy search and note the phrases Etsy suggests. These are the keywords you should use in the title and description.

Add your main keyword to the first 100 characters of your description.

Take time and put effort into upgrading your shop profile bio.

Etsy allows you to use 13 tags for your listing. These tags are important as they help in ranking. Use all 13 tags in your product listings wisely.



Don’t make the mistake 99% of Etsy sellers do and repent. They do all the hard work and then leave the fate of their store to luck.

Take the reins and actively promote your store to get visitors and win orders.

Here’s a playbook to sell your printables:

1. Launch a YouTube channel dedicated to your project.

2. Create 5 to 10-second short videos (using Canva) and upload them on YouTube.

3. Repurpose these videos with slight tweaks and share them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Reels.

4. Never underestimate the traffic potential of Pinterest. Create simple posts on Pinterest and link them to your store. You can upload short videos here too.

5. Sign up for TikTok and share the same video there for additional exposure.

6. Join some Facebook groups related to your niche and promote your art there.

7. Share your money experience on Medium, Substack, and Vocal.media (using ChatGPT) to attract more visitors to your store.


Consistency is key. Stick to the plan for a couple of weeks, and soon you’ll be watching the dollars flow into your bank account.


So are you ready to invest $20 in ChatGPT Plus, which unlocks a golden opportunity for you?

AI is really a blessing for action-takers, and I believe that you are one of them.

All you have to do is generate AI nursery animal images from DALL-E in a fraction of a second and then post these images into your Etsy Store.

This is not just revolutionary – it’s your ticket to turning $20 into $100, repeatedly.

Etsy, the bustling marketplace, is where these AI-generated gems can shine.

Follow the simple steps, from creating images to setting up shop, and embrace the power of promotion.

Again: Remember, consistency is the key, and before you know it, your Etsy store could be a money-making spectacle.

Don’t miss the chance; dive into this journey of creativity, commerce, and financial freedom!